Strategist (2)

Strategito Dominus (Strategist)

The master who sets the strategies and plans.

Gadgets: Research Tools. Data Analysis. Technologically advanced solutions. Creative Lap. Restless mind.

Copy Writer (2)

Cursum Scriptor (Creative Writer)

The geek who copy rights and handles the style.

Gadgets: Dictionary mind. Speed with accuracy. Pen. Eraser. Thesaurus enthusiast. Language expert.

Designer (2)

Graphic Excogitatoris (Designer)

The artist who paints with fonts & designs.

Gadgets: Pen. Pencil. Pad. Pixels. Color Palletes. Designing Software(s). Visual addict.


Rationes Magna (Public Relations)

The magician who connects minds.

Gadgets: Charts. Contacts. Communication Skills. Calendar. Events' Management.

Production (2)

Magnam Operante (Producer)

The producer who gives life to characters.

Gadgets: Light pulp. Camera. Clapper board. Editing software. Musical ears. Light detecting eyes. Psychological analysis traits.


Venalicium Vendo (Advertisor)

The chef who makes ad recipes.

Gadgets: Analytic(s). Advertising software. Action buttons. Auction. CPC & CPM.