URIKA Agency

We are an experienced branding, marketing, advertising, public relations and production agency.

Our experience includes planning and executing offline and digital marketing campaigns in diverse markets across MENA and GCC.

URIKA Meaning

Eureka; a famous interjection attributed to Ancient Greek scientist Archimedes  after discovering how to solve a problem.

It is a spontaneous exclamation, the aha moment, at a discovery of a solution to a problem. And that is what we aspire to: find creative and innovative ways to deliver our clients’ messaging to the right audiences and in turn grow their visibility, sales , and impact.

From storytelling to cross platfroms’ campaigns. URIKA is a full-service agency that accompanies you all along the road to success.


We are pleased to have work with several clients on their brands and projects achieving all the requirements. Please have a look at our portfolio here.